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201 Johnstown Center Drive, Johnstown, CO 80534


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919 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO 80513


Open 7 days a week | 6am-9pm

story of hays market

Hays Mercantile co

Hays Market is more than just a grocery store, it’s a family legacy that has been passed down through generations. The roots of this beloved establishment go all the way back to 1929 when the first store, Hays Mercantile CO, opened its doors in Johnstown, Colorado. At that time, Hays Mercantile CO was a small, family-run store, that sold groceries and an assortment of dry goods. However, it didn’t take long for the business to expand and offer more goods to it’s loyal customers.



This family-first mentality has been at the heart of Hays Market from the start, and it shows in the way customers and employees are treated.


Deals at Hays Market

Hays Market is your local grocery store and family-run business that offers new weekly deals in our weekly ad and digital coupons on our Hays Market app. We believe in supporting our community by shopping locally and keeping our money in the local economy. By choosing to shop at Hays Market, you’re not only getting great quality products, but you’re also supporting a business that’s committed to giving back to the community. Be sure to check out our latest deals and shop with us at Hays Market to support your local businesses.

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We offer a variety great deals with digital coupons including some of homemade favorites. Search “Hays Market Colorado” in the App store or click below. Be sure to scan your Hays Market app at check out!


One of the many reasons why Hays Market is beloved by the community is because of its friendly and knowledgeable staff. Many employees have been with the store for years, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for customers. If you ever need help finding something in the store, we are always happy to assist you. And if there’s something you need that the store doesn’t currently carry, just let us know! Hays Market is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and providing the best possible shopping experience.

the impact of your shopping choices

Spending $100 at a local grocer keeps $45 in the local economy, while only $13 stays when choosing big chain stores.

Next time you shop, consider supporting local businesses, like hays market, and make a positive impact on your community.
what our customers say about

hays market

“the best bakery!”

“Hays Market in Johnstown has THE BEST Bakery & yummiest tasting cakes EVER, delicious Rotisserie Chickens, great produce, awesome Deli (Chicken Pot Pies on Friday), and Personable and Caring Staff. I love this market in Johnstown and am grateful I get to visit it weekly!” -Heather A.

“good variety, sales are great!”

“Hay’s Market is the best. Ryan and Russell will help you in any way they can. They have a good variety of things. Their sales are great. The meat selection is the best.” – Delores P.

“hands down best meat department”!

“Lovvvvve the meat department! And I work as an assistant meat manager at a chain store and I buy all my meat at hays!” -Sondra A.