meat department

Unbeatable quality & service

your one-stop for premium cuts

At Hays Market’s Meat Department, our skilled butchers are always eager to assist you in selecting the perfect cuts for your culinary creations. Our team takes pride in offering a wide range of in-house specializations, including our delectable homemade sausages, savory ham loaf, and much more.


In-house packaging for ultimate freshness and quality!

In-house creations

Specialty meats crafted with passion and local favorite!

local favorite


We are committed to providing the freshest, highest quality meats for our valued customers. That’s why we grind our beef daily and package it in-store, ensuring that you receive only the finest, most flavorful products. In addition to our regular offerings, we are proud to carry Certified Angus Beef, renowned for its exceptional taste, tenderness, and juiciness.

Come visit our Meat Department at Hays Market, and experience the difference that our dedicated butchers and premium meats can make in your home-cooked meals. We’re here to help you every step of the way!

no chub ground beef

Our ground beef is ground fresh

daily from USDA CHOICE Certified Angus Beef Primals.
custom cuts available

We cut all our beef and pork in store, no vacuum packaging.

homemade sausages

We make over a dozen homemade sausages in house.

the impact of your shopping choices

Spending $100 at a local grocer keeps $45 in the local economy, while only $13 stays when choosing big chain stores.

Next time you shop, consider supporting local businesses, like hays market, and make a positive impact on your community.